WordPress vs Squarespace: Which Is Better for Your Business?

Squarespace is everywhere lately, and its promo codes are equally ubiquitous. Why shell out money for a WordPress theme, hosting, and design when you can use that sweet Squarespace discount and get everything you need to launch your site for under $20 a month? Well, we’re about to rain on your cheap website parade—Squarespace is fantastic for some purposes, but in our view, WordPress reigns supreme for most small businesses.

Here’s what you need to know when deciding between Squarespace and WordPress…

Squarespace vs. WordPress: Aesthetics

We’ve got to hand this one to Squarespace—they’ve nailed that au courant minimalist aesthetic with bold typefaces, prominent imagery, and skilled deployment of whitespace. There are hundreds of stodgy WordPress themes out there that can make a brand new website look dated from Day 1, but you won’t run the risk of this with Squarespace.

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