5 Ways to Boost Your Google Ads Click-Through Rates

When I was a kid I used to love watching Voltron on Saturday mornings.  In Voltron, 5 separate spaceships would combine to create a super robot called “Voltron” to fight large enemies.  As individual spaceships, they didn’t stand a chance, but once they came together as Voltron, they were able to win the battles.

A similar storyline is now playing out in Google Ads accounts.  Instead of spaceships, we have text ads and ad extensions combining to form Voltron-like super ads that can dominate the search results page.  Take a look at the example below and you can quickly see that one ad has a clear advantage in terms of capturing attention and clicks simply because of how big it is.

How to Create Voltron-Like Ads

The secret to create a massive ad like the example above is to use Google Ad Extensions.

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