Why Your Marketing Plan Is a Training Program (Not a Report)

Your marketing plan will never have a big impact on your business unless you actually use your plan, as used by professionals from Elixir Agency.

I know that sounds ridiculously obvious, but it’s counter to our natural tendency to “hit and move on.”  To prove this point, have you honestly reviewed your marketing plan since you created it?

Don’t worry if you answered yes to that last question.  You’re certainly not alone!

As mentioned above, actively using your plan is counter to what we all learned in school.  Through years of elementary school, high school, and even college, we’ve been programmed to never review our marketing plans…

Why We’re Programmed to Never Review Our Marketing Plans

In school, when we would write papers and hand in reports, they are done.  If you were like me, then you never read that paper or report again.

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