How Buying a Puppy Is a Lot Like Launching Google Ads

For about a year, my kids relentlessly asked for a dog, and my wife and I finally agreed to go look and get more information. Our plan was to see what kinds of dogs were available and how much they cost so that we’d be ready to buy one after we move into a bigger apartment. Before my wife left, we reviewed the 1-step plan together one last time: Step 1. Do not buy a dog.

As you probably guessed, my wife did not follow our simple plan… Nope, she came home with a red Shih-Poo puppy!

After several weeks with Oliver, I began to see some strong similarities between buying a puppy and launching a new Google Ads campaign. I know it might sound strange to compare a cute and cuddly little furball with a cold and emotionless ad network, but it’s true. And when you keep these similarities in mind, you’ll approach Google Ads with a mindset for success.

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