Last year was a seller’s market for private companies looking to be acquired — these three charts show how the deals got sweeter for them

AppDynamics’ founder Jyoti Bansal, who sold his private company to Cisco for $3.7 billion last year. AppDynamics

Last year was a pretty good one for private companies looking to be acquired.

With a strong economy, generally ready access to venture capital and other sources of investment cash, and an improving market for initial public offerings, private companies were in a better position to negotiate terms when they sold to other companies, said Sara Wilcox, a senior director at SRS Acquiom, which tracks sales of private firms.

“We saw a lot of strong exits,” Wilcox said. “People are selling because it’s a good opportunity for an exit, not because they have to.”

SRS Acquiom works with selling shareholders at private companies that are being acquired.

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