THE KRISTIN LEMKAU INTERVIEW: JPMorgan Chase’s CMO explains how she deals with disruption on two fronts at once, why she’s moving some ad dollars back to TV, and why it matters what your credit card feels like

Following is a transcript of the video, which has been edited for clarity.

Henry Blodget: There have arguably been more changes in the marketing industry in the past couple of years than in the past 30. Our guest today is Kristin Lemkau, the Chief Marketing Officer of JPMorgan Chase. JPMorgan is an organization worldwide with 240,000 people. She runs a five billion dollar marketing budget, with 1,700 people across all of these different business lines. Welcome, Kristin. Do you agree are things changing as fast as they seem to be?

Kristin Lemkau: I do, actually. When I spoke at the ANA Conference in Orlando, the whole theme of my discussion was the changing marketing playbook — which I think for marketers, most of us are being hit with this disruption twice. So the industries that we’re in, in my case banking and payments, is being disrupted at a pace we’ve never seen.

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