50 Creative Restaurant Food & Drinks Menu Design Ideas

Menus are like the business card of a cafe, restaurant or bistro. Apart from the atmosphere, the menu provides the sort of lasting impression that parks itself in our sensory cores and determines our choice of food for days, months or years to come. The menu also reflects the unique personality of the place, the cuisine it is serving and the mood it wants its customers to take back with them once they leave.

Then of course there are the tantalizing pictures of the food and refreshing drinks that are up for offer, camouflaged by the wonders of colors, great-looking font, perfect use of white space and typography, and you have yourself a winning, scrumptious, delicious-looking menu

But why describe it when we can show it to you? Here are 50 fantastic food and drink menu designs that will make your mouth water. Some of them are even good enough to double as their restaurant website designs (2-in-1, time for a fiesta!).

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