How to Clean Install Windows 11 (and Rollback If Needed)

Windows 11 is around the corner, and it is bringing some amazing features including a redesigned Start button, new File Explorer, new Taskbar options, and more. All these exciting features make us want to try out Windows 11. Microsoft has hinted that it will be available in October 2021 on new devices and in 2022 for upgrading devices running Windows 10.

However, you might not want to wait to check out the amazing features until the official version rolls out later. Thanks to the Windows Insider Program, you can download the Windows Insider Preview and ease your curiosity. And later, you can clean install its release version when it rolls out next year.

But what if you do not like the new Windows 11? Fortunately, it is as easy to roll back Windows 11 as it is to install it (though this rollback feature only works within 10 days of upgrading to the preview or release version).

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