The 3 Stages of SEO & Where You Need to Focus At Each Stage

If you’ve researched SEO at all, then you know it’s complicated, there are a lot of moving parts, and things change very rapidly.  Ultimately, all of that leads to frustration because it’s nearly impossible to know where to focus your energy to improve your SEO results.

Should you be blogging?  Do you need to edit your webpages?  Do you need to create new webpages?  Do you need to redesign your website?  Do you need more citations?  Do you need more links?  Do you need to be using social media?

Sound familiar?

If you’re frustrated, confused, and not sure where to focus, then I have good news for you.  In this article, I’ll explain how to narrow down your SEO options based on which “stage” you’re in.

As you’ll soon see, the secret to simplifying SEO is understanding this concept of the stages of SEO.

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