Developing Social Brand Awareness

Awareness is a purely psychological aspect of being a person. Two critical components contribute to consciousness. The first is stimulus, and the second is interest in the stimulus. Modern man is continuously bombarded by different types of incentives that compete for attention. Television advertising is a classic example of how video stimuli are “punched” into the mind of the viewer to get the viewer’s attention and interest.

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But developing social brand awareness, while it involves primarily the same psychological process is the method of creating a “package” out of a product that would enable the recipient of the package to build interest on the product and later remember the product’s name as a “brand.” For many people, social brand awareness is much the same as a hybrid SEO procedure that can be implemented at any time.

The product brand is the main component of social brand awareness. A brand name is famous because it is the one that defines the product. Bench, for example, is one brand that many remember and one that has been with us for many years, across generations, from millennials to Generation X. Bench does not need to create a social brand awareness since the brand name has already been in the memory of people.

Social brand awareness is developed when a brand is being introduced to an unaware public. And there are some techniques used in developing social brand awareness.

First, the creator of the product has to choose a name or word that is familiar and can quickly catch the attention of people. Selecting a product brand name to fit the product(s) being sold requires long hours of analysis of the product and the market where the product is targeted. Sometimes, the product name becomes the means to remember the brand, as in the case of “Milo,” a favorite health beverage drink where people recognize that Nestle is the brand behind Milo.

Once a product name and brand name has been decided, the idea is to float the brand to enable people to remember what possible products are associated with the brand. This is on the assumption that a market has already been found for the product and brand.

Next, create a compelling, excellent image symbol or logo of the brand for people to readily appreciate and remember. Remembering something is more natural if people like the design of the logo or brand image. This is known as “getting visual.” Once the model is presented in the form of a sizeable multi-colored poster, the entire presentation has to be eye-catching, since there are so many same competing products displayed in department stores and malls.

Creating social awareness requires a sustained presentation or flashing of the brand and its image or symbol to as many media outlets as possible that include print media, broadcast or radio, television, and online. And in online media, the most popular social media platforms being used are Facebook and Twitter. The does not preclude the detailed stills presentation in the form of commercial billboards, large store posters, even catalogs where people can read more about the brand and its products.

Online advertising can be done through existing commercial web platforms or the brand’s website.

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