‘America First’ should start with the plight of the country’s abandoned Native population

Most Americans have no idea what the term “Asterix Nation” means — but the idea is all too familiar to nearly 7 million Native Americans.

President Donald Trump often touts his agenda as putting “America First,” a disturbing choice of words since the expression can be traced back to the American Nazi and white supremacist movements of the 1920s. But what that language clearly neglects, apart from America’s history as a nation of immigrants and descendants of slaves, is that the first people to live on this continent’s soil did not come from Europe at all.

“It’s called the Asterix problem — this section of our population has been invisible — [seen as] too small or insignificant,” said Patrice Kunesh, assistant vice president at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, and director of the regional central bank’s Center for Indian Country Development.

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