You’ve Installed WordPress – What’s Next?

You’ve heard how good WordPress is in terms of expandability, customization and you decided to give it a try. Installing a basic copy of WordPress won’t take too long; but if you are looking for more stability, traffics, search engine optimization, etc, here’s few of my recommendation – The things you should do after installing WordPress.

Get API Key, Activate Akismet

Akismet is a plugin that’s bundled with the WordPress installation that will intelligently get rid of all the unnecessary comment and trackback spams. This will be especially handy when you’re going to use the WordPress native comment system.

In order for Akismet to work, you’ll need an Akismet API Key. The key is free, but you’ll need to request for one and apply it on the Akismet plugin. Sign up with WordPress, get Akismet Key.

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