What You Need to Know About Google Quality Score

Whether you use Google Ads all the time or have toyed with the idea of starting a campaign, you’ve likely heard about Google’s ‘Quality Score’ — the rating that Google gives your targeted keywords based on a number of different factors.  This score is also used to determine your cost per-click (CPC) and ad rank in the auction process.

Fully understanding how Quality Score works can be tricky. That’s why, in this article, I’m going to provide you with everything there is to know about Google Quality score, which in turn will help you achieve lower CPCs and enhance your chance of generating more leads.

Ad Rank – What Is It?

Usually, there are multiple advertisers competing for the same keywords, and so Google has to find a way to determine which order to show the available ads in. They make this determination by assigning an Ad Rank to every ad.

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