What Small Business Owners Need to Know About UX Design?

UX, short for user experience, has entered the business lexicon in a big way in the last few years.

You would be forgiven for assuming that UX was just another buzzword invented by digital agencies to sell more services — but do so would be a mistake. UX — and, in particular, UX design — should be a significant concern for any small business that operates a website or mobile app.

What’s UX Design & why does it matter to small businesses?

UX design has been described as “a bridge between technology and end-user“. In essence, UX design involves considering the experience of customers and consumers throughout the design process of any new website or app.

Effective UX design will ensure that your website or app is easy to traverse, packed with the appropriate information, looks great — and, most importantly, encourages conversions. Perhaps more pertinently, it will do this quickly.

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