The Most Important Google Ads Report (Hint: It’s Hidden)

”People only see what they are prepared to see.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson was of course not talking about Google Ads when he penned that quote, but it fits perfectly with the topic of this article.  When managing Google Ads campaigns, you will miss critical information unless you are prepared to see it.

Not Everything Is As It Seems

Have you ever watched a show like Flip This House or Flip That House?  I have no idea which one I’ve seen, and for all I know I may have watched a completely different show.  Regardless, all house flipping shows are pretty much the same.  They start with a run-down home, then they demolish many of the rooms, add new appliances and a fresh coat of paint, and finally, they try to sell for a profit.

But everything does not always go according to plan, which is what makes these shows addictive.

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