The CBI just made a major intervention to keep Britain in a customs union after Brexit

Britain’s biggest business group, the CBI, has told Theresa May’s government to “break the Brexit logjam” or risk doing major damage to the UK economy.

In a major speech, CBI’s president, Paul Drechsler, group, will on Sunday argue that the government’s indecision over what kind of customs partnership it will pursue is crippling the UK economy.

“We need to break the Brexit logjam and fast because there’s so much more that we need to get on with,” Drechsler will say on Sunday evening, emphasising the need for “an urgent end to Brexit uncertainty.”

He will add that Britain should remain a customs union with the EU “unless and until an alternative is ready and workable” — before putting forward four tests that any future partnership should be able to pass. These are that:

  1. It should maintain “friction-free trade at the UK-EU border.

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