The 4 Facebook Ads Campaigns Every Business Should Use

I have an embarrassing confession. When I first starting advertising in Facebook Ads, I made a huge mistake.

You see, I got started in 2006 advertising in Google AdWords and Yahoo and over time I’ll admit I became a bit cocky. Then Facebook Ads launched in 2007 and I foolishly applied the same methodologies that were so successful in Google search advertising.

Bad idea.

Through a lot of costly trial and error, I eventually learned this fact…

Success in Google Ads does not translate to success in Facebook Ads.

And my goal here is to save you all that time, money, and frustration. My boneheaded mistake was that I broke the most fundamental marketing law, which I’ll talk about in a minute. Then, I’ll walk through the correct methodologies for Facebook Ads, along with the 4 campaigns every business should use.

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