One of the first investors in Uber and Salesforce shares how his blue-collar upbringing shaped how he invests his millions

L-R: Jillian Manus, Jacob Shea, and Mike Walsh are partners of Structure Capital. Structure Capital

Mike Walsh is a member of the Uber rich, meaning he’s über rich off the ride-hailing service.

In 2010, a mutual friend introduced him to Ryan Graves, who worked an IT specialist job and was considering a move to San Francisco to help build something called UberApp. After Graves explained the concept, Walsh saw “the common sense approach” for someone, like a limo driver, to make money with an asset, a vehicle, that was under-utilized. He told Graves to take the job.

Graves became the first employee of Uber, and as a show of thanks, he, Travis Kalanick, and Garrett Camp (another cofounder) offered Walsh an opportunity to invest in the company.

He accepted.

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