May 2018 Digital Marketing News Roundup

The digital marketing world is always changing, and it can be hard to keep up with all of the newsworthy updates that happen. That’s why, we’re starting a news series where each month we’ll be rounding up the most important digital marketing news items and curating them for you in one place.

May has been an exciting month in digital marketing. WordPress continues to work on its open-source software to help users create better websites, Google has continued to improve their algorithm to provide its users with the best information, AdWords is helping marketers promote their products and services with more headlines, and so much more. Let’s dig right into all of the great advancements we’ve seen the past month.

WordPress 4.9.5 Is Released with Security and Maintenance Updates

Source: WordPress

WordPress users were notified of an update for version 4.9.5 in early April.

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