‘If we don’t act now, the future will be very bleak’: Biden urges Congress to act as prospects rise for a bipartisan stimulus deal

  • While speaking in Delaware on Friday, President-elect Joe Biden highlighted the urgent need behind the bill, saying, “if we don’t act now, the future will be very bleak.”
  • Building upon his calls for a bipartisan package to be passed soon, Biden also urged Congress to consider another federal aid package after Inauguration Day, emphasizing the need to also address “longstanding needs in the economy, like rebuilding infrastructure,” according to a New York Times report.
  • House Democrats recently came out in favor of a $908 billion coronavirus relief package to end the lame-duck session and get federal aid out to Americans quickly.
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President-elect Joe Biden once again called on Congress to “act now” in passing a coronavirus relief package as prospects are on the rise for a bipartisan stimulus bill.

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