I went on a Disney staycation cruise with my 4-year-old. Here’s what it was like on board, and what we did to prepare.

  • We went aboard a Disney staycation cruise and sailed for two nights with our four-year-old. 
  • Nearly two years on from our last real vacation, we’d forgotten what it was like to travel with a child.
  • We decided to plan ahead and focus on three areas: pre-travel, day of travel, and on the sea.

December 2019 was the last time we took a flight together as a family and went out on a proper vacation. That was our 30th flight with our then 2-year-old, and my husband and I had become pro-travelers with a toddler. From flying to the sunny Bahamas and magical Maldives to the cobbled streets of Prague, we had done it all.

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