How to Track the Quantity & Quality of Phone Calls from Google Ads

Recently, one of our SEO clients approached us for help with Google Ads, and she asked us to audit her Google Ads account to answer this question:

Which keywords and ads drove a recent influx of new phone call leads?”

This is a common situation where a business sees an increase in calls and wants to determine what’s working to try to replicate it moving forward.

In this case, I personally reviewed the account and it only took me a minute after I logged in.  That’s because phone call tracking was not set up properly in the account, so there was no way to know for sure which keywords and ads were driving calls.

Unfortunately, I see this quite often in accounts we audit.  Google has made it appear very easy and quick for businesses to start advertising, but the reality is that there is some technical setup required if you want to be able to measure your results and make smart marketing decisions.

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