How to Perform Guest Post Outreach Without Sounding Like a Goober

If you run a website, you’ve probably received countless emails from people offering to write for your blog. (And if you haven’t, well, you probably will at some point.) Guest posting is a classic SEO strategy, but if we’re being real, a lot of the guest post outreach emails rub people the wrong way. They sound insincere at best, and downright sketchy at worst. How do you do guest post outreach without getting your emails deleted? How do you not sound like a total drip?

Make Sure the Site Accepts Guest Posts

A lot of websites clearly state their policy on guest posts on their contact page or FAQ. Look for this before you send an inquiry. Not only will you save yourself time by not pitching to sites that don’t accept guest posts, you might also find valuable information about what to include in your pitches. Some sites may ask that you write your post and submit it with your inquiry, while others may want you to send a few potential topic ideas.

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