How to Create Bootable USB Stick for macOS

As a mac user, there may come a time when you’d want to reinstall macOS on your computer- say something goes wrong with your machine or you just want to have a fresh start. Well, if you do want to install macOS on your computer, I would suggest you to do it via USB.

Here are a couple of reasons why:

You can do it offline – Installing macOS via USB will allow you to do it offline meaning that you wouldn’t need to wait for the re-downloading of the entire macOS installer, which could take a while depending on your internet speed.

You can do it faster – All it takes to reinstall macOS on a computer is to simply plug in the USB drive and get the mac to boot via external source (your thumb drive).

You can do it anytime you want – As long as you keep the USB drive bootable with the macOS installer in it, you can reformat and reinstall the macOS again anytime you want.

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