Facebook’s IPO was 6 years ago today — here’s how much you’d have made if you invested $1,000 back in the day

Mark Zuckerberg addresses the crowd outside the NASDAQ stock exchange in Times Square at the opening bell ceremony of Facebook’s IPO on May 18, 2012.Facebook

It’s the sixth anniversary of Facebook’s initial public offering, and an investor at that time would have made a nice return between then and now.

Facebook initially offered its stock at $38 per share on the morning of May 18, 2012, and closed trading that day just above that initial price at $38.23, according to data from Yahoo Finance.

The chart below shows the value of a $1,000 investment bought at that closing price of $38.23 over the following six years. As of 9:40 AM ET Friday, that $1,000 investment would have been worth $4,792.83 at Facebook’s per-share price of $183.23.

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