‘Driving feel is amazing’: Elon Musk teases new specifications for upcoming Model 3 versions

Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave a status update to his company’s upcoming dual-motor all-wheel drive and performance version of the Model 3 on Saturday.

“Working on Model 3 dual motor all-wheel drive & performance versions,” Musk said on Twitter. “Driving feel is amazing.”

Musk added that he was “aiming to release config” on Friday evening.

The new variants have been highly anticipated for Tesla enthusiasts who have held off on purchasing a Model 3. Prospective Model 3 buyers have been limited to one configuration, a long-range version with rear-wheel drive, that started at $49,000.

Musk announced the company would allow orders for the new variants earlier in May, and said it would start production in July. He added that certain features, such as an air suspension, would not come until 2019.

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