Do You Have Realistic Expectations For Your SEO Campaign?

I remember a few months after my son Emmett was born, my wife was disappointed that she couldn’t finish a workout.  This particular workout was quite easy for her before she was pregnant with Emmett.  What do you think, would you expect my wife, or any other woman, to be back to her “pre-pregnancy” workouts just a few months after giving birth?

Of course not! In fact, Erin’s doctor estimated about 6 months to get back to that same level.  Despite the expert advice, Erin is disappointed because in her mind she should be further along. In other words, her expectations are not aligned with the reality of how long it takes to fully recover from childbirth.

The interesting thing about expectations is that they can define a single moment in time as either a success or a failure.  If your expectations are not realistic, then unfortunately you’re on a path toward disappointment and failure.

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