Delete Yourself off The Internet – 5 Tools to Try

Ever thought about removing a part of your past from the Web? Like a photo of a bad hairdo from college, or a cheesy attempt at building your first website (back when geocities was still in), or a groan-inducing comment from a time you didn’t know better? If you said no to all that, good for you, but that doesn’t mean your personal information is safe.

If you find something that you want removed from Google’s search engine, you can request Google to remove it from their search engine results with its URL Remover Tool. Outside of this, you will need to talk to the people who own and maintain the site to get your data removed.

But if you’re only looking to reduce the visibility of your data online (because deleting yourself from the Internet completely is quite impossible) or want to delete some accounts that are no longer in your use, then these 5 tool can help you get started.

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