7 Deadly Sins To Avoid In Your Customer Lifecycle

Today, I’m going to talk about the 7 core stages in any customer’s lifecycle and the #1 mistake (or deadly sin) you must avoid in each stage.

I say “deadly” sins because these mistakes over time can erode your sales and profits and eventually put you out of business.  So as you go through the list, make a note where you can improve to make your business more stable.

Here are the 7 stages of the customer lifecycle that I’m going to cover:

  1. Attracting Traffic
  2. Capturing Leads
  3. Nurturing Prospects
  4. Converting to Customers
  5. Over-Delivering
  6. Upselling
  7. Getting Referrals

1. Deadly Sin of Relying on ONE Source of Traffic

The #1 mistake when it comes to attracting traffic is relying on one method.  Once you find something that works it’s easy to get lazy and focus solely on the one source of traffic for your business.  However, this a recipe for failure.

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