5 Tips and Tricks to Optimize Mobile Device Storage Space

Smartphones are often bulging with data and running out of storage for most of us. When it happens, you need to clean data or get a new device with a larger storage space. With high-resolution photos and videos and video-streaming services taking a lot more storage than a few years ago, it is common for your smartphone to run out of storage.

Have You Ever Run Out of Storage on a Phone? — a poll done by Droid Life in 2016 reported that 50 percent of the respondents had run out of storage space on their smartphones and 21 percent of them came close to running out of space. That means 71 percent of the respondents needed more storage space.

What is the solution then? Almost a decade ago, it was easy to gain more storage space by using a microSD card as most smartphones supported microSD cards at that time. However, manufacturers have mostly stopped providing this option with a few exception brands like Samsung Galaxy.

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