5 Google Analytics FAQs to Explain Website User Behavior

It’s time to dig a little deeper into Google Analytics. In our last FAQ post, I covered the basic information you can derive from the platform. Now, we’re going to look into your site’s users and what they are doing while on your site.

What is the difference between users and sessions?

When you look at the traffic data for your site, you will see two numbers identified as “users” and “sessions.”

Users are the number of people who have come to your site.

Sessions are the number of times your site has loaded for people.

To explain this further, let’s say Bob comes to your site, buys a product, and leaves. This would show in Google Analytics as one user and one session. Betty may come to your site, find a product, decide to leave the site, and then come back again to make a purchase. This would show as one user and two sessions.

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