5 Best Tools to Batch Rename Filenames in Windows

In daily professional life, being able to do a certain action on a whole batch of files or folders adds a lot to your productivity. Batch image editing is a good example in this regard. Similarly, there are tools that can help you batch rename your file names too.

Yes, there are such apps availble and in this post, I am going to introduce you to the best free desktop tools to batch rename filenames in Windows. Let dig right into it.

Note: In this complete post, I will be trying to rename the files in the folder “Files to rename” on my desktop using the tools on this list. In this folder, I have some files named “New Microsoft Word Document – Copy(N).docx” and I will rename them to “V(N).docx”, where N is a number and V can be any name.

1. File Renamer Basic

If you work with multiple image and music files, you will love File Renamer Basic.

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