4 Scary SEO Tactics That Will Forever Haunt Your SEO

Google and other search engines are constantly tweaking their underlying code and architecture. This means that SEO strategy is a moving target, and rankings are always in flux. And in fact, common but bygone SEO strategies that took advantage of Google’s lack of sophistication can now haunt you by undermining Google’s trust in your site.

That’s why in the spirit of Halloween, I’m going to walk through 4 scary SEO tactics that will forever haunt your SEO.  If you, your team, or someone you hired in the past used any of the tactics below, then you’ll struggle to get your website ranking in Google and you’ll want to take steps to correct them.

Scary Tactic #1: Keyword Stuffing Webpages

In the very early days of SEO, Google focused heavily on the frequency and quantity of keywords on your site.

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