20+ Useful Sketching and Prototyping Tools for Designers

Most web designers work on their projects using software and digital resources like wireframes, mockups, and prototypes, etc. But if you want to take the old school paper and pencil path, then you’ll find many toolkits that can speed up your development and design process.

So here are some interesting and useful paper-based utensils, toolkits, and pre-made guides for designers and developers to plan their projects. You’ll find a list of free, downloadable toolkits and templates, as well as a collection of notepads and other products you can purchase for offline planning and design. Let’s take a look.

Paper Browser

Printable browser templates that allows you to capture your ideas on not just any paper but a canvas designed especially for it. You’ll find two types of the paper browser i.e. Quick Sketch – for all the brainstorming and revisions, and a Detailed Sketch – for translating those rough sketches into design-ready format.

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