11 Steps to Improve Your Local SEO

You’re on vacation, walking around and exploring the sites, and suddenly get the urge for an ice-cream cone. What do you do?

You take out your phone. Google “ice cream near me” and are met with a list of locations for the closest ice-cream shops in the area. You choose one and order your favorite flavor on a cone with sprinkles and think to yourself, “Thank you Google.”

Ok, maybe you don’t do the last part… but you should!

Being able to quickly find the location of any business near you is a huge convenience that is easy to take for granted. And it’s all thanks to those businesses signing up for a Google My Business page.

Google My Business is a valuable tool for getting your business in front of local customers who are searching for your products and services.

The following steps are key for making sure your Google My Business profile ranks above the rest…


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