11 Portable Batteries for Your MacBook — Best of

If you love working in a cafe or library — like me — or a co-working space with fewer power outlets, you require extra juice for your MacBook. Why? Although MacBook Pro promises “10 hours” of battery life, it’s not always the case.

The reason being: a device’s battery life depends on a few factors. Among them, the most important ones are the device’s age and its usage. For instance, a web browsing session drains less battery juice than a high-end gaming session. Then, you may work for a longer time — sometimes — if your work is piled up.

That said, it’s logical and safe to carry a portable battery (aka power bank) if you work on the go — especially if you’re not sure about power outlets at your go-to workplace. That’s why I’ve compiled the best portable batteries for MacBooks. I’m going to talk about their specs, pros and cons, and more.

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