15 Ridiculously Oversized Every Day Objects, Vol. 2

Have you read Gulliver’s Travels before? Today, we’re going to make you feel like one of the Lilliputians, with this list of huge, no wait, ridiculously oversized every day outdoor objects. These are things modeled after common every day items – just a lot bigger.

These heavy-duty “models” are the center of attention wherever they lie. Some of these overdone outdoor objects are not just impressive to look at, but also serve some very practical purposes. For example, the giant comb in Virginia, United States works as a bike rack.

So let’s jump right in and let the following 15 ridiculously oversized every day objects blow our minds!

The World’s Largest Deckchair by Stuart Murdoch

Located on Bournemouth beach in Great Britain, this giant deckchair is 8.

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