10 Greatest 3d Street Art, Vol. 1

Art knows no bounds. A creative mind can make mindboggling art from any number of dimensions quite like the 3D street art. Even though you create these drawings in 2D, however, looking at them from a certain perspective makes them look 3D.

3D Street Art has been around from a decade and is used not only to entertain and beguile the onlookers but has also become a popular medium of advertising that offers greater public viewing and interaction. As the popularity of this art form increased so did the ambitions of the artists to create ever more creative and spectacular pieces including designs that incorporate both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

So here I present a showcase of the best 3D street art from around the world, some of which are even award winning pieces. Take a look, enjoy and get inspired.

10. Special Delivery

“Special Delivery” was created by Melanie Stimmell for the FringeMK Festival in Milton Keynes, UK in June 2011.

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